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A broad range of subjects has been prepared to be presented during the Convention schedule.  A mixture of clinics, workshops and prototype topics will be hosted throughout the weekend.  

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The Australian Narrow Gauge Convention is all about seeing, sharing, learning and inspiring. We are always grateful for the wide range of clinics that our generous presenters offer to host during the convention weekend.  A comprehensive timetable of modelling and prototype clinic sessions will be on offer for all attendees to participate in, so come along for an educating and entertaining weekend of discussions and presentations.

To support the various clinics on offer, we publish the Australian Narrow Gauge Convention Handbook for each occasion, featuring over 200 pages of clinic notes for each attendee (included with your registration). 


The Clinic Timetable for the 15th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention is now available to view*.  For those wanting to plan their weekend of clinic attendance, a copy of the timetable can be downloaded and printed using the button below.
*Timetable current at the time of publishing, but subject to change  

Please welcome our keynote speakers for the 15th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention

Rob Ashworth & Andrew Stephens

The Walhalla Railway - One That Came Back

In the last decades of the 19th century, the remote mining town of Walhalla was one of Victoria's most prolific gold producers but was continually impacted by tenuous transport links by horse and cart over very difficult terrain. After decades of delays and surveys its 762mm (2'6") gauge from Moe finally opened in 1910, only four years before the collapse of the famous Long Tunnel Mine. The line struggled on until its closure in sections and there were two later attempts to reopen but both ventures failed. The presentation will detail how the planning, construction and successful operation of the Walhalla Goldfields Railway was carried out by a small group who wouldn't take no for an answer!


Plus presentations by:

Paul Mahoney - Concepts for Bush Tramway Models

Lee Styger - An Insight into CAD Modelling

Steve Postma - Prototype References to Model Workhorse

Geoff Potter - Fantastic False-fronts and Other Inspirations

Mark Stafford - ProtoSteam WiFi Throttle

Peter Kendall - Freelance Modelling Ideas: Apple Cove and Cinnamon Port

Allan Ogden - Scenery Below the Tree Line

Ian Fainges - Painting Figures

John Humphrey - Battery Powered Radio Control for DCC

Pete Heininger - Micro Layouts...Our Ultimate Space Invaders

Murray Scholz - Lessons Learnt Building a Large Layout

Dan Pickard & David Price - Layout Presentation: Building Kinmont & Winch No.3

Peter Jackson - Modelling Ideas & Techniques - From Concept to Model

David Griffiths - A Career as a Narrow-Gauge Enthusiast

Colin Konig - Layout Presentation: Port Jackson - What it Could Have Been

Robert Goslin - How a Landlubber Models the Waterfront (on the cheap)

John Dennis - Realistic Layout Photography

John White - Tylwyth Teg 3 - A Fairy Tale Ending

Adrian Gunzberg & John de la Lande - 3D Printing & Railway Modelling

Geoff Briggs - Experiencing Welsh Narrow Gauge Railways

Lucas Woodward - Railfanning in the Digital Age

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