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15th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention - REGISTER NOW

19th October 2022

REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN for the 15th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention  

Registrations are now open for booking your attendance at the 15th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention! We are proud to be opening the doors to this event once again over the Easter long weekend of 2023 (April 7th-9th).

Plenty of background work is underway to coordinate a fine collection of layouts and displays from around the country, and we are gathering up the knowledge of a bunch of willing presenters to host a variety of clinic topics.  It will be 4 years since we've been able to all assemble and enjoy this specialist weekend, and the people I've been chatting to are keen as mustard to get together once again and share the convention experience.

This website will continue undergoing a number of updates in the coming months as plans can be announced, so please revisit regularly to see what's new.  A number of attending Traders have already been confirmed for the convention, plus some of the different Layouts & Displays are beginning to be listed.  The Registration portal is now open, so please visit the Registration page for further ticketing information.  Our prefered booking process is via TryBooking, so please follow the links to confirm your attendance.  

On Saturday evening, April 8th 2023, we will be hosting our Awards Presentation Dinner at the nearby Mulgrave Country Club (approx 3.5km from the convention venue).  Attendees and partners are invited to join us for a carvery buffet dinner and enjoy a few celebratory drinks as we present the winners of our model and photography contest.  Further details of this evening are available on the Registration page of this website.  Seats will be limited for this evening, so please remember to book early.


It is also a good time to remind you to get cracking with your model-building projects.  Check the Contests page for all the details on the different categories on offer.  Many of the usual categories are back as expected, so we look forward to seeing what new models have been worked on during this extended break between conventions.  We have also re-introduced the "Whole Train" category.  Limited to a length of 1200mm or 1.2m (essentially so we can offer appropriate display space in the contest room for these longer entries), you can now assemble your favourite short train to share with others at the convention.  We have also announced our "special category" for this convention, The 4x4 Challenge.  It's a restricted space category, limited to working within the confines of a 4-inch x 4-inch square (just make it 10 cm x 10 cm if you need it spelt in metric).  We look forward to seeing where a bit of creative thinking leads you with this new challenge.  Our previous small-size challenge (The 90mm Challenge, Geelong 2017) was hugely popular with a great variety of entries.

It feels good to be back, and great to be getting a kick of enthusiasm about the convention as it begins shaping up into another memorable event.


Dan Pickard
On behalf of the Australian Narrow Gauge Convention organising committee