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Layouts & Displays

Come and see the latest layout projects and model displays from our talented builders .  Meet the model builders and learn some of the techniques behind preparing these fine creations.  As these layouts and displays are confirmed, their details will be featured on this page.

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Apple Cove - On30 (Peter Kendall, VIC)

1-1503 grey2_skyR.jpg

Apple Cove (On30) is the latest modelling effort from Peter Kendall, with a change of scale from his usual HO work.  This quaint and colourful waterfront setting is populated with a great array of structures and mini-scenes.  The railway weaves its way through the township and tree-lined landscape, providing a connection to the busy wharf.  This compact layout demonstrates how plentiful modelling opportunities can be incorporated into a restricted size. 

Kinmont & Winch No.3 - On30 (Dan Pickard & David Price, VIC)


Kinmont is a compact On30 layout, built by Dan Pickard, capturing the essence of the Australian bush.  The scenery is the dominant feature, with the peaceful landscape only interrupted by the occasional passing train.  Since its debut at the last Australian Narrow Gauge Convention, fellow operating partner, David Price, has contributed an additional module, Winch no.3, to complement the Kinmont module and add further running opportunities.  Many of David's locomotives and rolling stock have appeared on Kinmont at exhibitions, and now some of his scenery modelling will join the project.

Gravel Road - HOn30 (Pete Heininger, VIC)

20201012_111129 R.jpg
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20201012_111743 R.jpg

Gravel Road is a micro layout just 600mm x 270mm, showing that even with only a little display space at our disposal, we can all build a functioning narrow gauge layout packed with scenic detail.  Pete will also be showing one or two other tiny dioramas, built for the purpose of testing for larger future micro layouts, including structure size and placement, rail size and treatment and scenic details.  Have a chat with Pete about how to enjoy all the creative process of building a layout in a micro environment.

Figure Painting Demonstrations (Ian Fainges, QLD)


We welcome Ian Fainges to the convention, where he will kindly be hosting a continuous demonstration of his fine figure painting techniques throughout the day.  He has painted thousands of figures throughout his modelling life and currently offers a very popular figure painting service, with his figures now appearing on modellers layouts across the world.  Feel free to join him at his demonstration stand and learn about his process up close.

Port Franklin - On30 (Grampians Model Railroaders Inc., VIC)

IMG_4539 R.jpg
IMG_4540 R.jpg
IMG_4620 R.jpg

Port Franklin is an On30 layout presented by the Grampians Model Railroaders Inc.  Set in the early to mid 1900's, it captures the life and times that our pioneers faced in the rugged terrain to obtain resources from the forest and the development of rural communities.  A scattering of little scenes throughout the layout all contribute to this story.  This layout began life as "Mount Ash" (as built by John Hunter), with modellers from the Grampians club restoring and utilising many of the structures to preserve a good portion of that layout in this revised vision.  We welcome the team from the Grampians to be a part of the convention.

Modelling the Hey Day of the Victorian Railways - On30 (Steve Postma, VIC)


The Australian Narrow Gauge Convention welcomes the involvement of Steve Postma.  Steve is one of the more youthful members of our modelling community, who puts forth some fine kit building, custom modifications and weathering results.  His eye for detail helps set his modelling work at an excellent standard.  We are pleased to have Steve join us with a display of his work, plus he will host one of our clinics to discuss some of the techniques he uses to achieve this great level of finish.

Monbulk Creek - 1:350 (Martin Kaselis, VIC)


Representing the smaller-scale modelling at the convention, we welcome Martin Kaselis with his tiny 1:350 scale version of this well-known trestle bridge at Puffing Billy.  The micro trains run using a linear motor drive system rather than conventional propulsion.  The smaller scale opens up some very different scenic opportunities with the ability to model a much broader landscape in an ultra-compact space.  Stop by to have a chat with Martin about how this layout has been achieved, plus see what is next on his miniature creations project list.

CAD and 3D Printing Demonstration - (Lee Styger & Steve Hughes)

TR Tank Shelter Perspective and 2D-1.jpg

The advancement of 3D printing technology within the hobby world continues to expand at a rapid pace.  We welcome Lee Styger and Steve Hughes, who will be hosting a demonstration stand to help attendees explore getting involved in 3D modelling.  Lee will be sharing his CAD experience with live drawing demonstrations and hands-on opportunities for willing attendees, plus Steve will have examples of both resin and PLA printers on-site for attendees to learn about the pro's and con's of the different printer results and capabilities. 

Eddington Quay - 7mm, O-16.5 (Ted Allan, VIC)


Eddington Quay is a secluded cove near the Devon-Cornwall border.  Ted's layout is built to 7mm scale on 16.5mm track gauge, representing a 2'3" line.  On the quay, there is a fish processing factory, while at the other end of the quay is a small marine engineering works that services the local fishing fleet.  The layout is a great example of card modelling techniques, plus Ted has recently started creating new pieces for the scene using 3D-printed parts.  Stop by and have a chat with Ted about his modelling work at the convention.

Dioramas by Richard Grinyer - various scales (VIC)


We are pleased to have Richard Grinyer joining us at the convention, hosting a display of various dioramas he has composed over the years.  Many regular attendees will be familiar with Richards' fine work which has been appropriately recognised with numerous contest awards, plus various articles in Narrow Gauge Downunder magazine.  Each of his dioramas are packed with colour and character, telling wonderful stories within each scene.  Make sure you put aside some time to study these incredible works up close and have a chat with Richard about some of his techniques.

The Points - O-16.5 (Rod Hutchinson, VIC)


Come along and take a close look once again at "The Points", by Rod Hutchinson.  This layout first appeared at the 2019 ANGC and gladly returns to Melbourne this year.  This fabulous depiction of a location in East Warburton, Victoria, captures the bush railway practices beautifully.  The layout is operated using Deltang Radio Control as the perfect solution for running on the timber tramway rails.  The layout features a number of scratch-built rail tractors that were found hard at work deep in the dense Aussie bush.  Stop by and have a chat with Rod about how R/C has brought this layout to life.

Plus, more Layouts and Displays still to come!

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