Layouts & Displays

Come and see the latest layout projects and model displays from our talented builders .  Meet the model builders and learn some of the techniques behind preparing these fine creations.  As these layouts and displays are confirmed, their details will be featured on this page.

Fingal, OO14 (Simon Handby, TAS)

We welcome one of our talented Tasmanian modellers, Simon Handby, travelling up to the Central Coast with his wonderful layout, "Fingal".  It's a beautiful version of Tasmanian 3'6" railway, captured in some very clever layout design.  A large and varied selection of TasRail equipment can be observed meandering through some idyllic scenery.  Make sure you spend some quality time enjoying this fine modelling effort and have a chat about the creative process behind its presentation.

Puzzle Cove, On30 (Rob Partington, SA)

Somewhere on the west coast of England lies Puzzle Cove, a scenic little coastal location that is a challenge for the local railway crews.  A classic shunting puzzle where two trains must pass on a single line with just one short siding to work within.  A complex task that Rob has been able to automate with DCC and CTI-Electronics software and hardware.  Beautifully modelled and cleverly controlled.  Come along and learn the secrets behind the puzzle.

Corrimal Colliery Incline, On30 (John Garaty & Guy Gadsden, NSW)

The building journey of the Corrimal Colliery Incline layout has been one that has spanned nearly a dozen years, and documented at now its sixth Australian Narrow Gauge Convention.  From its initial idea on a scrap napkin, to the sprawling creation it has become, attendees of our conventions have enjoyed the development of this very unique layout.  Will 2019 be the year we see the Corrimal dream completely realised?

Mystic Mining Co., HOn30 (Peter Kendall, VIC)

A treasure trove of diamonds lies deep within the volcanic caves of the secretive Mystic Mining Company.  This diminutive railway weaves through the labyrinth of lava flows and rocky columns to service the private mining operation inside the spectacular caves.  Mystic Mining Co demonstrates some fun with the hobby, breaking from the more traditional railway theme, to combine a fantasy world with some rather nice modelling.  Come an see Peter's latest creative efforts at the Convention.

South Creek Road, 1/35n9 (Kim Marsh, NSW)

Kim Marsh has featured some wonderfully creative layouts at the Australian Narrow Gauge Convention over the years, and his new piece, "South Creek Road" continues that tradition.  In more recent years, overseas travel with a layout has become Kim's challenge, restricting his projects to suitcase transport, which requires some clever design.  Come along and see this fantastic example of compact modelling and wonderful detailing.

Cromford Canal Bull's Bridge Wharf, 7mm (Michael Flack, NSW)

Michael Flack is a familiar name in Australian Narrow Gauge Convention history, after presenting a variety of layouts over the years.  It is a pleasure to see him returning with yet another new creative effort.  This new effort is predominantly constructed using paper and card materials to wonderful results.  Capturing a typical English canal trans-shipment wharf, it is subtly coloured and cleverly detailed.  Come along a speak with Michael about getting great results using simple materials.

The Points, O16.5mm (Rod Hutchinson, VIC)

This new display piece by Rod Hutchinson sees him experimenting in O scale, presenting a scenic unit to feature some beautifully crafted radio control locomotives.  Operating on timber tramway rails takes full advantage of the benefits of R/C installations.  Depicting a transition between timber and steel rails, and featuring a great collection of typical bush logging equipment, it is currently under construction to be viewed first at the Australian Narrow Gauge Convention.

Kinmont, On30 (Dan Pickard, VIC)

Kinmont is the new project by Dan Pickard.  Capturing the essence of the Victorian Railways narrow gauge that was The Beechy, with overworked trains cutting through the dense bush.  With a lot of scenery packed into a compact module, Kinmont is built as a sample section of a larger home layout.  A variety of trains make cameo appearances as they drift through the trees and pause for water at the simple bush halt.  Come and see it for it's first run on the Central Coast.

Bobcat County, HOn3 (Garry Walden, NSW)

Portraying the imposing cliff faces of the Rockies and the narrow gauge railway that scrambles across the steep terrain, is Bobcat County, a new layout by Garry Walden.  The vertical wall of rock creates a visually stunning impact, leaving a great impression of the confronting task that was faced when these railways were cut through the treacherous mountain pass.  Make sure you stop by and check out the fine effort that has gone into this one.

Quinces Landing, On30 (Ken Scales, NSW)

Local Central Coast modeller, Ken Scales, will be showing his new On30 project, Quinces Landing, built especially for the convention.  Several of the structures in this layout have featured in recent times in Narrow Gauge Downunder Magazine, where Ken has a regular articles.  Quite the prolific modeller, Ken will also have a number of his other layouts available for viewing as part of the Home Layout Tours being held on Good Friday afternoon.  Stop by and see Ken for some casual demonstrations on scratch building techniques throughout the day.

Government Gums, On42/On2
(Rod Parker, David Griffiths, Brian Hardiman & Prof Klyzlr)

Government Gums is the result of the creative drive from this small team of modellers, is a reflection of the Port Augusta and Government Gums Railway (Sth Australia).  The layout serves as a showcase for a growing collection of largely scratch built 3'6" SAR equipment, set in the flat and near treeless gibber desert.  Be sure to stop by and have a chat with the team about some of their approaches to modelling this display.

Trouble Brewing Co., Gn15 (Steve Pettit, NSW)

After dabbling in Gn15 modelling for some 15 years, Steve has finally compiled a selection of his modelling into this creative little project.  Trouble Brewing Co. portrays a bootleg brewery that uses the 15" railway to transport its produce to the thirsty town folk.  Using light weight scenery techniques and experimenting with some challenging track work, this layout is a treat to observe in action.

Plus, plenty more still to be included!